Treatment Cremes & Moisturisers


  Collagen Creme With Liposomes

  This creme is for skins that have started to show signs of ageing, for menopausal skin and especially sensitised   ageing skin with signs of dermal damage and fragility. Skin appears younger and firmer through antioxidants   fighting free radicals, while the collagen fights the ageing process.


  Glucana Creme

  This creme is ideal for sensitive, oily or problematic skin for all ages. Rich in Vitamins to nourish the skin daily. It   improves general appearance of the skin, contains Beta-Glucosamine. It also contains Vitamin E and Omega 3   that helps to protect the skin against environmental pollution providing youthful, firming looking skin.


  Tuntury Creme

  For all skin types, particularly dehydrated, sensitive skins. Perfect for combination skins prone to oiliness. This   creme is a light textured creme that penetrates deeply. The ingredients are derived from a mossy growth in a very   dark soil in the Artic Tundra. Diminishes fine lines, improves texture and hydrates skin.


  Restoraderm Creme

  Indispensable for anyone with skin irritatios caused by sun, wind, Laser/ IPL, dermabrasion , or chemical peels.   This creme protects skin that has been exposed to environmental aggression, helping to heal and restore the   dermis. Great creme for sun worshipers who have experienced dermal damage due to sun exposure, rehydrating,   soothing, healing and enhances epidermal growth.


  Acne Deep Pore Cleansing Creme

  Specifically formulated for sensitive and oily skins prone to breakouts. These clearing benefits help to eliminate   impurities and prevent the pores from clogging, thus avoiding further breakouts. Tightens pores, brightens   complexion and absorbs excess oil. Helps prevent acne scarring and can be used for all ages


  Anti-Radical Rejuvenation Creme

  By reversing the negative effects of free radicals, the qualities of youthful skin is preserved. The complexion is   visibly smoother and lines and wrinkles appear diminished. It rejuvenates ans moisturises, stopping the look of   premature ageing. For very dry, ageing, sensitive and fragile skin. To be used nightly for best results.


  Chiral A Firmness Anti Wrinkle Night Creme

  For mature skin that shows visible signs of ageing, this creme repairs and firms the skin, stimulating cell activity   and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for dry winter months or as an anti-ageing preventative for dry, sun   damaged skins.


  Discolouration Creme- Lightening & Brightening Creme

  This creme has the ability to accelerate the lightening of pigmentated areas. It works by reducing the production of   Melanin, allowing pigmentation to diminish gradually. May be used for spot treatments or sparingly to cover entire   face. Used only at night or avoid exposure to the sun when using this creme.


  Epigrowth Recovery Creme

  This rich, light weight daily repair creme contains important protein DNA and Epidermal Growth Factor plus   Botanical essence. It helps skin repair, heal itself and accelerates new growth. It is essential to use this creme   with any Glycolic Polymer Cremes, or when treating any kind of skin problems, or after peels.


  Oxygen Creme

  Great for all skin types; dry, dehydrated, dull, lifeless, occasional breakouts, finelines and wrinkles and excellent   for treating smoker's skins as well as hormonal acne type problem skin. Acts as a vehicle or carrier that drives   other ingredients deeper into the skin. Oxygen is released from an emulsion actually penetrating the skin   awakening natural radiance and a healthy looking skin.


  Phyto-Pumpkin Moisturiser

  This moisturiser is for all ski n types. This hydrating moisturiser is an essential daytime protection to help maintain   the natural moisture level to improve the skin's hydration balance. It's soothing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant   agents are an excellent skin conditioner that keeps skins receptive to oxygen intake.


  Rosaderm Creme

  For sensitive skins, Rosacea, Couperose skins and very dry skin types. This creme is essential for anyone with   skin irritations caused by peeling, wind, sun, cold, Laser/ IPL, dermabrasion, chemical peeling or sunburn. It is a   soft comfortable creme designed to soothe, soften, protect and minimise redness.


  Super Hydrating Creme 25% Vitamin E

  For all skin types, particularly for the use after Laser/ IPL treatments, due to the high content of Vitamin-E for   healing and soothing. This rich emollient creme helps to replenish the skin's lost moisture, giving it a firm and   smooth apperance.


  Zesty Orange Hydrating Creme

  A perfect moisturiser for dry, dehydrated and ageing skins. This moisturiser repairs, restores and prevents damage   whilst renewing the skin. The Zesty Orange Hydrating creme is a unique anti-ageing formula that diminishes fine   lines and uses high-tech delivery system for maximum efficacy and long term hydration. This moisturiser also   stimulates collagen synthesis and fibroblast proliferation.




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