Enzyme Therapy Treatments


  Enzyme Therapy Over-View

  In the process of self-regeneration, human skin continually sheds its topo layer of dead Keratinised cells. This   process is called exfoliation or digestion and it can be accelerated by treating the skin with an exfoliating   agent. Other than acids, enzymes are the agents most widely used in skin care clinics. 

  An Enzyme therapy is a surface exfoliation that removes the top layer of dead cells without wounding the top layer   of dead cells without wounding the skin. It uncovers the underlying layer of younger, smoother, translucent, glowing   appearance. After the surface layers of corneocites are removed, products applied to the skin, such as   moisturisers, bio-active cremes or lotions, penetrate the skin much easier and are more effecrive. Impressive   results are achieved in Keralytic, oily, combination, problem and scne skin. 

  Enzyme therapy can be used on hands, elbows, face and the whole body. For thicker skin types, a stronger   version of the enzyme product can be used. For dry skin enzyme exfoliation removes accumulated dead cells and   the pigmentation containg them, improving texture and tone, softening and smoothing, It makes pores appear   smaller, brown spots lighter and fine lines less visible. It retextures flaky, scaly skin, improving its unattractive   appearance. Enzymes produce instant, visible and lasting effects for all types of skin on the face, hands and body.   The most noticeable results are obtained on both ends of the skin-type spectrum - Dry/ageing and Oily/acneic.


  Cherry Berry Enzyme Therapy 

  Indications: Cystic Acne, Scars, Dull, tired and Sun damaged skins.

  Feature: Rich in powerful antioxidants called falvonoids that have various therapeutic effects on the body and skin.   The flavonoids found in cherries act as antioxidants in the skin scavenging process, destroying altered oxygen   compunds, known as free radicals. Many degenerative diseases have been associated with the tissue damage that   these free radicals can cause.

  Also included are Blueberries. The long list of health benfits associated with Blueberries is becoming well known   among the general public, as it has been for the health profession and research communities, previousluy.


  • Strengthens collagen
  • Anti- inflammatory
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Slows the ageing process
  • Improves skins texture and tone.


  Cranberry Enzyme Therapy

  Indications: Great for pustular Acne, Rosacea, and congested or oily skins. Excellent for very sensitive, Rosacea   type Skins. 

  Feature: Mildest of all Enzyme Treatments. Proven for its bacterial inhibiting and detoxifying qualities. Recognised   as a premier disease fighter, Cranberries are a rich source of flavenoids and other phenolic acid substitute. It has a   more natural form of Benzoyl Peroxide, its chemical name is Benzoyl Glucose, which performs a wakeup call on   the micro organisms that have become accustomed to the predictable environment of an under achieving immune   system.


  • Soothes and moisturises
  • Rehydrating for chapped skins
  • Helps remove harmful bacteria
  • Protects skin from environmental effects
  • soothes skin inflimation
  • wakeup call on the immune system
  • Draws fluid out of the tissue
  • Rich antioxidant 
  • Natural Lymph Drainage 
  • Provides Vitamin A, Potassium and calcium.  


  Mango Enzyme Therapy 

  Indications: All skin types, especially for Dehydrated/ Sensitive skins and Pre IPL Treatments for photo-ageing.

  Feature: The mango contains so many benficial ingredients that include fruit acids, Gallic acids, Myristic acids,   Quercetin, and an abundance of antioxidants. Astraxanthin is added which is 500 times stronger than Vitamin E   and 10 times stronger than Beta-Carotine. Astraxanthin has been shown to greatly enhance the immune system   while reducing acute inflammation of the skin and tissue. Mango peel contains numerous beneficial ingredients   which provide general exfoliation the Alpha-Hydroxy-Acidsm, Lactic acids, L-Tartaric acid, L-Mandelic acid all work   together to renew the skin's overall appearance.


  • Puts moisture back into the skin
  • Exfoliates and smooths the skin
  • Improves appearance of the skin
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis
  • enhances the immune system
  • Protein softening and cell turnover  


  Papin Enzyme Therapy 

  Indications: Dehydrated skins, Prematurely aged akins, Open pores, Congestion and Hyper-Pigmentated skins.

  Feature: Enzymes are complete proteins capable of accelerating chemical changes in cells, they free the   epidermis from dead cells and deposits, they are also able to penetrate into the follicles to digest everything in its   path. The intensity of the peeling depends on how long it remains on the skin.


  • Acts as a digestant
  • very effective on acne lesions
  • Hyrdolyses horny cellsof its lining 
  • Hydrolyses sebaceous pores of comedones
  • Hydrolyses oils and reduce shine
  • Free radical neutraliser
  • Alleviates dryness
  • Reduces Erythema  


  Photo-Pumpkin Enzyme Therapy

  Indications: All skin types - Discoloured, Photo damaged & Thickened skins.

  Feature: Sensitive skins and acne conditions will do better with Photo-Pumpkin Enzyme Therapy because it is not   as sharp or intrusive as Glycolic can be to some skins. This therapy has the richest source of Beta-Carotene and   contains a full complement of Vitamin A derivatives that decreases the oxidative and free radical stress associated   with other chemical peels.


  • Slows sown cellular Biological clock 
  • Help repair process of DNA damage from UV
  • Rebuilds subcutaneous fat
  • Stimulates collagen and Elastin production 
  • Helps tissue respiration 
  • Keeps epidermal cell proliferation on healthy path 
  • Improves RNA structure & function 
  • Improves moisture content 
  • Corrects imbalances of chemical peels
  • Suppresses age related loss of collagen & Elastin
  • Assists absorbing & retaining moisture




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