Facial Treatments


  Express Facial (All Skin Types)

  A great pick me up for the busy life style. This quick facial leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.


  Teenage Years (All Skin Types)

  This facial reduces oil secretion, breakout and sensitivity. Essential oils and high frequency assist with the skins   natural healing process. The skin is left hydrated and calm. Suitable for teenage skin.


  Deep Cleansing Facial (Oily/Problematic Skin Types)

  A purifying and decongestion hydrating treatment is reccomended to help elininate blackheads, oily & congested   skin.


  Relaxing & Revitalising Facial (All Skin Types)

  This highly personalised facial has a combination of carefully blended essential oils suited to your skin type. A   unique 100% multi Vitamin Masque will leave your skin hydrated, revitalised and rebalanced.


  Intensive Hydrating Facial (Dehydrating Skin Types) 

  This deeply nourishing treatment eases sensitivity of uncomfortable "tight" skin and rebalance skin hydration.   These beautiful essential oils are massaged onto the face and neck leaving the skin nourished and hydrated.


  Desensitising Facial (Sensitive, Fragile & Delicate Skin Types)

  A calming and rebalancing treatment for fragile and irritated skins. This facial reduces inflammation and irritation   from environmental and everyday stress.


  Glycolic Polymer Facial 

  Glycolic Polymer Peels help to rid the skin if any dead skin cells which have accumilated over time, through   means of pollution & sun damage. The peel aids in regenerating new cells and leave the skin smooth and   rebalanced.


  Oxygen Therapy (All Skin Types)

  Oxygen therapy supresses the oxidative injury to the skin cells such as aging, environmental toxins & bacterial   intrusions. This treatment is designed to regenerate the skin cells and allows the skin to look smooth, radiant and   even toned. Ideal for people who are lacking hydration, vitamins & nutrients.


  EYBC Signature Facial (Endless Youth And Beauty Clinic)

  This is the ultimate facial for all skin types and skin conditions. An Enzyme Peel is used to eliminate impurities   and target specific concerns. A deep intense massage helps to build circulation, ending with a collage masque to   leave the skin radiant, Youthful and deeply hydrated.   




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